Our Strategy

Serving our customers is not only a responsible business imperative, but also a way of creating sustained value within the community and for our tenants, investors and funders.

Vukile’s unique investment case is based on our ethos of creating value through an inside-out approach.

We start internally with our values-driven culture, ensuring that our employees and extended partners understand and exceed the needs and expectations of our shoppers and tenants in the different contexts of each retail centre within our portfolio.

By combining our in-depth knowledge of the retail sector with our understanding of the ever-evolving needs of our customers, we’re able to actively enhance our portfolio through prudent asset management – creating sustained value for all our stakeholders.


  • Understanding our SHOPPERS' and COMMUNITIES' needs
  • Assists us to not only meet, but exceed expectations through the experiences we create in our centres
  • This increases customer loyalty and the time and money people spend at our centres


  • Growing customer support strengthens TENANT performance at our centres
  • Enhancing tenant performance boosts demand for space and position at our centres
  • Elevating demand improves rental growth and performance at our centres


  • Increasing rentals grow income streams
  • Growing income streams support higher returns, more positive impact and greater value creation for our INVESTORS, FUNDERS and all other stakeholders

Our five strategic objectives encapsulate our goals and provide us with a unique, integrated approach:

We continually develop and invest in the systems, technology, processes and people that together deliver the core retail expertise that delights our shoppers and tenants, strengthens relationships, and consequently generates growth in income, while driving efficiencies on a daily basis.

We equip ourselves to make the data-driven decisions that enable us to anticipate, fulfil and exceed our tenants’ and shoppers’ evolving expectations and needs, while adhering to world-class standards and practices and spurring innovation to seize opportunities and effect positive change.

We are deeply aware of the effect and influence that our business has on the environment, the people and the businesses in our value chain, and we manage the related risks and opportunities in a purposeful and directed manner, to achieve positive and lasting outcomes
in the lives of all involved.

We place the needs and aspirations of the people in our value chain at the heart of what we do, while working in collaborative partnerships to exceed expectations and to earn and maintain trust, respect, and belief in us as a purpose-led hub of growth.

We generate sustainable growth through our prudent management of capital and our balance sheet strength which enables deliberate portfolio optimisation, acumen and data-driven asset management, and entrepreneurial deal-making, while building a reputable brand.