Retailer Programme

The Vukile Retailer Programme is an innovative programme designed to create greater diversity in tenant and category mix within our shopping centres while also incubating a new generation of emerging retailers for the sector and the country.

The Retailer Programme aims to diversify the tenant composition of the retail sector with scalable new entrants whose product offering appeals to the communities we serve. In this way, we’re able to help provide the primary stakeholder of the retail chain – the shopper – with more choice.

The programme is about fostering mutual success and economic inclusion. We recognise the immense potential in building small businesses, showcasing talent, creating job opportunities, launching new retail experiences, growing our shopping centres’ future tenant base, and ultimately boosting society and the economy.

We’re bridging the informal and formal retail sector by providing up-and-coming entrepreneurs with:


By a team of pre-eminent retailers


To Vukile’s development and project management team


Leasing terms


Opportunity within the Vukile portfolio

By de-risking the entry of small businesses into formal retail spaces, we help them formalise, diversify and thrive within a shopping centre ecosystem.

Retailer Programme Entrepreneurs

“This is a real opportunity that is breaking down barriers and disrupting the retail landscape by bringing emerging retailers serving niche market segments into the mainstream.”